With the upcoming distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines, we are wondering if the Londoners will all return to their offices again next year.

Since this March, a huge shift in our culture has been occurring with teams spread across multiple houses and collaborating as they were in the same location.

This has forced our society to adapt to new circumstances, mainly amplifying the use of cloud technologies.

Indeed, before the lockdown, people persisted to collaborate in the same physical areas, despite tools like cloud file sharing and videoconferencing were already available.

This year Londoners set up their computer desks at their own home and most are wishing to keep performing tasks from there.

They are mainly concerned about both commuting every day and their work-life balance, as a study reported.

Indeed, according to a poll of 100 British workers conducted by e-days this August, health implications are not the major reason why people do want to return to their offices.

A summary of the questionnaire answers is reported below:

  • 37% believe it would negatively impact the work-life balance;
  • 34% do not want to commute;
  • 25% of the interviewed employees worry about potential health problems;
  • 4% are most worried about the effect on their routines.

In this time of uncertainty and paradigm shift in our society, clearly a new way of working is emerging.

Employers, politicians and architects are called to imagine the future of London and, with the new year, start its transformation into a place that will give more value to the time of workers.

“Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.”

Thomas Edison

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