T&V Architects_Regent's Park House NW1 London
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Home office in Central London
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Regent’s Park House NW1 London


Regent’s Park House NW1 London


As architects, we have an essential role to play in safeguarding our built heritage by using our expertise to enhance the value of the building.

Some of the works are invisible to the human eye, such as the improvement of the thermal insulation or certain precautions to get the best acoustic performance; in this sense, the approach was extremely contemporary thanks to the most updated technology.

Our design intent is not just finalized to the interior design but it is also focused on all relevant architectural elements thanks to our technical and artistic knowledge.
A gentle touch of contemporary design got introduced in order to meet the client’s needs.

A prestigious and exclusive sofa becomes a big hug that embraces the heart of the living room characterized by exceptional design objects and important pieces of art.

In the home office a spacious wood desk couples with a soft leather armchair to enhance comfort while working.

Design team: Paola Tuosto, Lorenzo Vianello and Ada Musta




London, UK