Eco-nests Tower by T&V Architects

Climate change is impacting the most important aspects of our society: health and safety.

We constantly witness natural disasters such as flooding and hurricanes.

It is urgent to change direction, as pointed out by the 2015 Paris Agreement, to avoid further irreversible damage to our ecosystems.

Becoming more conscious about the problem is the best way to act and improve the quality of life.

The beauty of nature can communicate to everybody its deep grandeur and exactly from there we can change the way we built, design, and live.

T&V Architects opt for a holistic approach to designing buildings reducing the overall impact of the built environment on human wellness and the natural environment.

We designed different cabins to observe nature using recycled ropes constructed by robots.

Behind the apparent freedom of forms, there is a fabrication process developed with rigorous digital algorithms that mimic the strategies of birds building their nests with maximum efficiency and no wasted material.

The design industry should continue to learn from nature and must become an active player in defending the planet.

We developed three typologies of observation cabins from where visitors contemplate the environment and watch through discreet holes in the structures to preserve the tranquillity of the habitat.

The lowest cabin makes it possible to get close to the animals while observing their habits.

The tower seems to be floating in the air and offers a full sensory experience to the people.

Deep knowledge and respect for nature are a way to improve the behavior of every human being.


Hospitality and Leisure


Venetian lagoon, Italy



Design Team

Paola Tuosto, Lorenzo Vianello and Ada Musta