Tall Alliums soar as vertical accents pop up from a bed of ornamental grasses and raise in front of a curved wall. The smell of the lavender flowers reminds you of charming landscapes and the bamboo leaves create gentle sounds masking the noise of the city.

Furniture and nature coexist in perfect symbiosis.

The hydro-draining technology applied to the sofas and armchairs enables the water to drain out fast so that the stuffing dries up quickly.

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The sail-like canopy is comprised of a fabric sheet hung between two steel supports and covers a comfortable informal lounge area. Behind the elegance of these slightly tilted supports lays a masterful work of engineering.

A sliding deck can cover a large hot tub for relaxation, hydrotherapy and wellness. Once covered, the space is converted into an intimate area for convivial lunches and dinners with family and friends.

The outdoor space is perfect for both lively events and private chats on the swing.

Privacy and social interactions take place in a relaxing garden environment.




London, UK



Design Team

Paola Tuosto, Lorenzo Vianello and Ada Musta