8 Stylish Natural Stone Materials for Your Kitchen Worktop

You are choosing your new kitchen, everything is ready, but… you are still not sure about the material for your worktop.

T&V Architects picks 8 natural stone materials that are strong and look stylish.

Luxury kitchen in London

Graphite Brown by Eggersmann

The marble comes from quarries in Iran and presents a brown base with elegant white veins. We love the leather finish by Eggersmann because it creates a smooth relief surface. The marble is acid sensitive, thus it must be appropriately treated before its installation. T&V Architects designed the kitchen of the project Mulberry Walk in Chelsea SW3, London with this material.

Nero Assoluto - Eggersmann

Nero Assoluto by Eggersmann

The deep black granite is resistant to heat, acids and scratches. It can be quarried in different countries in the world, although we recommend the one coming from Zimbabwe because of its great colour uniformity. We love the waterjet finish, as it produces a three-dimensional texture that enhances the character of any kitchen.

Slate - Eggersmann

Montauk Black Slate by Eggersmann

This natural slate is quarried in Brazil and presents a smooth surface. The polished finish reveals elegant contrasts between shades of dark greys and glossiness. The stone is acid resistant, thus it will not etch when exposed to wine and citrus juices.

Kitchen clad in American Black by Bagnara

American Black by Bagnara

Quarried in the USA, this granite presents a dark background with beautiful white veins and dots. The stone is durable and acid resistant, therefore suitable for kitchen worktops.

Carbon Grey - Bagnara

Carbon Grey by Bagnara

The material is a grey quartzite with an elegant orientation of veins. This stone comes from Brazil and has great colour consistency. It is acid resistant and hard, which qualities suitable for a kitchen countertop.

Kitchen clad in Calacatta Brasil quartzite by Antolini

Calacatta Brasil by Antolini

Calacatta Brasil is a white quartzite from Brazil with thin grey veins, which should not be confused with Italian Calacatta marble. The first is stronger and more resistant to acids and heat. Calacatta Brasil fits well in modern-looking and sophisticated kitchens.

Kitchen with worktop in Cosmic Black stone by Antolini

Cosmic Black by Antolini

This durable material is a black granite featuring white/gold veins and clusters. The stone is quarried in Brazil. Cosmic Black is heat-resistant and not likely to scratch or stain, so it is ideal for statement kitchens.

Kitchen worktop in Taj Mahal quartzite by Antolini

Taj Mahal by Antolini

The creamy, tan and white quartzite is quarried in Brazil. It is a naturally strong, heat-resistant material with a stylish look. It is resistant to scratching and acid, so it will not get marked when exposed to vinegar or coffee.